About Destination Dining Guide

Destination Dining Guide is a curated list of wow-factor hotels that offer unique and exceptional dining experiences. With options for every budget, use this site to plan your next food-focused getaway.

Why use Destination Dining Guide?

Have you ever said no to that last glass of wine, or skipped a post-meal digestive simply because you had to stay sober enough to drive? Does it make you miserable thinking of the fun you missed out on?

Destination Dining Guide was created for those who like to indulge in great food and good wine, and then slip directly and discreetly off to the comfort of their rooms without fussing over the bill or having to hail a cab or drive elsewhere.

Click through our ever-growing, highly curated list of destinations where eating where you sleep is the priority.

About us

We’re a group of passionate dining lovers, who believe that the best food experiences are often tied in with great accommodation. Sleep where you eat is our mantra when researching and organising holidays, and we’re currently travelling the world hunting out new and unique destinations to bring you this guide.